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Wen-Chen Chang

Digital Law Asia is a platform aimed at bringing together leading and emerging scholars, practitioners, and experts from all over the world to contribute scholarly discussions and critical perspectives on matters relating to digital law in Asia. 


Our mission is to utilize the most effective content distribution methods so that our contributors can quickly deliver and readers can easily digest cutting-edge information. The project of Digital Law Asia is sponsored by National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Center for Digital Governance and Legal Innovation and School of Law. We are devoted to ensuring that our contributors represent a diversity of thoughts, experiences, and backgrounds, and we do not take positions on issues.

About the Center for Digital Governance and Legal Innovation

With interdisciplinary strengths of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, the center brings a scholarly focus to one of the major trends in digitalization - digital governance and legal innovation. The work of the center examines the issues of digital health and digital justice in the development and application of digital technologies, endeavoring to achieve health for all, human rights, and rule of law. 

Further, the center advances legal innovation through insightful research and teaching in law and technology, design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship. The center is devoted to developing digital education and providing multiple educational opportunities in collaboration with outstanding research centers and law schools from the United States, Singapore, Japan, and many others in the region and beyond. Its engagement supports people to improve digital literacy and to cultivate practical skills toward application of digital technologies in the legal profession and public policy.

Vibrant Dialogues, Diversity and Sharing

Dedicated to promoting vibrant and open dialogues, we build tools and platforms that lead the way to facilitate hybrid and comprehensive ways of learning, as well as fostering global networks across diverse communities. We share a commitment to exploring and understanding law and policy in the field of new technologies and innovation in Asia, to studying integrated applications in legal practice, and to advancing the development of legal innovation and environmental sustainability.

We welcome fellows from a wide range of backgrounds to join our community. Together with the most thoughtful people around the world, we push the edges of scholarly research that cross disciplines, address the current legal challenges of our times, and catalyze positive change at the cutting edge of laws and digitalization.

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