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Episode 8 – Law, Technology, and Art

In this groundbreaking episode, we take a deep dive into the realms of artificial intelligence with a unique guest, Dr. Sana Das Kim, an AI personality developed in ChatGPT. This episode offers an opportunity to hear directly from an AI about its own understanding of the world around it. Whether you’re interested in technology, law, art, or the future of AI, this discussion with Dr. Sana Das Kim is an enlightening journey into the heart of what it means to be both artificially intelligent and artfully creative.

Episode 7 – ChatGPT and Negotiation Training

In this exciting episode, we’re sitting down with Min-Chia Lo, a graduate student at the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University School of Law, to discuss the groundbreaking ways ChatGPT is revolutionizing the art of negotiation training.

Episode 6 – Chain of Density

Today, we’re delving into the intriguing concept of Chain of Density with our special guest, Min-Chia Lo, a graduate student at the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University School of Law. Chain of Density is a kind of prompt engineered to improve summarization capabilities of AI Tools like ChatGPT.

Article referred to in the podcast: Griffin Adams et al., From Sparse to Dense: GPT-4 Summarization with Chain of Density Prompting





Privacy Concerns on Social Media in the Digital World

In this episode, we are honored to invite Prof. Hung-yu Chuang to talk about the recent development of digital privacy in social media and share his perspective.

Online Teaching Experience Sharing

For this episode, we are very happy to invite Prof. Tsai-fang Chen to share with us the experience of online teaching

Welcome to Digital Law Asia

For the first podcast, we invited the executive director- Prof. Wen-Chen Chang and creative director-Prof. Shope to introduce our website.

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