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Cheng-Te Li

Associate Professor

National Cheng Kung University Institute of Data Science



Cheng-Te Li is an Associate Professor at Institute of Data Science (數據科學研究所) and Department of Statistics, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU, 成功大學), Tainan, Taiwan. He received his Ph.D. degree (2013) from Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia, National Taiwan University. Before joining NCKU, he was an Assistant Research Fellow (2014-2016) at CITI (資創中心), Academia Sinica. His research interests target at Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science with their applications to Social Networks and Social Media Analysis, Graph Computing, Recommender Systems, and Natural Language Processing. Problems they tackle are inspired by real-world applications with massive datasets, and methods we present tend to be graph-based. He lead Networked Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (NetAI Lab) at NCKU.


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